Free Walking Tours

Every Day* at 10.30am

Rain, hail or shine

meeting point:
Archibald Fountain at Hyde Park

Tour guide in an orange will be waiting for you.

No booking required

Free Walking Tours

Every Day* at 10.30am

Rain, hail or shine

meeting point:
Archibald Fountain at Hyde Park

Tour guide in an orange will be waiting for you.

No booking required

"Colonial walk in modern Sydney"

Complete Sydney and The Rocks walking tour

2.5 hours easy walking tour

I'm free tours guide

Welcome to the Free Walking tour of Sydney.

If you thought that Sydney's history is short and boring, think again. It is interesting and fascinating. And we are going to share it with you.

Our "Colonial walk in modern Sydney" tour covers both Sydney and The Rocks. It contains carefully selected information to give it solid historic content, but keep it interesting, fun and entertaining.

Walk with local guides who are experts in history, love their city and enjoy sharing their favourite places with you. Join our tour and you will see our iconic world-famous sights as well as hidden gems of Sydney that you would never find on your own.

The tour will give you a rare insight into our fascinating past as a British colony. We will explore The Rocks - the first convict settlement in Australia. You will learn about the history of this notorious area, wander cobblestone lanes listening to amusing stories of survival, convicts, gangs and pubs.

We will finish our tour enjoying breathtaking views of our Harbour with two Sydney icons, the Opera House and Harbour Bridge.

In addition, you will be introduced to Sydney as a modern vibrant cosmopolitan city with lots of photo opportunities, tips on places to visit and things to do beyond the tour.

The tour will cover both Sydney and The Rocks

You will see and hear about:

free walking tour of Sydney
free walking tour
  • Hyde Park
  • St.Mary's Cathedral
  • The Sydney Opera House
  • Sydney Harbour Bridge
  • 'Rum' Hospital

  • free tours of Sydney
    Sydney tour
  • Aboriginal History
  • St.James' Church
  • Il Porcellino
  • Hyde Park Barracks
  • Queen's Square

  • Sydney walking tour
    walking tours
  • Royal Botanic Gardens
  • Old Colonial Town Square
  • Historical Macquarie street
  • Spiders, Sharks and Snakes
  • Heritage Bridge street

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    bus tours
  • Australia's legendary cat
  • Old Government Stables
  • Sydney Tower
  • Parliament House
  • Martin Place

  • bus tour of Sydney
    Sydney walking tour
  • Garden Palace
  • Customs House
  • Macquarie Obelisk
  • Museums and Galleries
  • 'Edge of Trees'

  • Sydney walking tours
    walking tours of Sydney
  • The Rocks - How it all started
  • The Colony - story of survival
  • Old Police Station
  • Suez Canal and Nurses Walk
  • Sydney's Oldest Pubs

  • walking tour of Sydney
    free walking tours
  • Oldest Woodblock Road
  • 'First Impressions' Obelisk
  • Campbells Cove
  • Convicts, Gangs and Pubs
  • Cadman's Cottage

  • Sydney tours
    free tours of Sydney
  • Walk to China
  • Laneways and Hidden Places
  • 'Battle for The Rocks'
  • Circular Quay
  • The Rocks Markets
  • What to do in Sydney

  • Tour finishes near Circular Quay, next to The Rocks area.

    So, after the tour you can spend more time exploring The Rocks or enjoy a ferry ride of Sydney Harbour.

    Enjoy Sydney bus tour

    How are our tours free:

    We leave it up to you to decide what our tour is worth.

    Free Tours Sydney is an independent tour provider not paid or sponsored by any organization.

    We rely entirely on contribution offered to us by those who have enjoyed the day.

    * No tours on Christmas Day (25th December), Australia Day (26th January) and ANZAC day (25th April).

    * Groups 8 or more people are required to register at least 24 hours in advance.

    * Our tour guides reserve the right to deny participation of any group.

    * Due to the nature of The Rocks area our walking tour is not wheelchair accessible.


    Sightseeing Tours Review 01

    "Don’t Miss This Tour!"

    Tripadvisor 11 April 2018, Deb J.

    This 3 hour walking tour is not exactly free but your guide is very upfront about this. You pay how much you think the tour is worth at the end. Our guide for the tour was EXCELLENT! Her knowledge of our history was extensive. The tour started at the fountain in Hyde Park and ended in The Rocks. You do need some level of fitness as there is a lot of walking involved. I would thoroughly recommend taking on one of these tours. We learnt more our history, the stories behind various landmarks and she happily answered any of our questions about Sydney. We gladly paid our guide for the tour and this is the only payment the guide will receive.

    Sydney walking tours review 02

    "Fantastic walking tour with brilliant guides"

    Tripadvisor 10 April 2018

    We arrived in Hyde Park early for the 1030 walking tour (bus tour also available). We met our guide Oliver and as a group of about 15 set off. Oliver had an ingenious speaker strapped round his waist and was very informative. He said that it was his first tour he had done solo and he did a brilliant job. He showed us locations that as an unguided tourist you would just miss. It doesn’t really cover that main attractions but they can be done by you alone. It is a free tour but the volunteers that run it appreciate tips which are deserved for their fantastic work!! Well done!!

    Sydney walking tours review 03

    "Great walking tour"

    Tripadvisor 24 March 2018, Wendy B.

    We had a lovely walking tour around Sydney; our guide was most informative with a great sense of humour. We would highly recommend it for overseas visitors and locals, always new things to be learned!

    Sydney walking tours review 04

    "Well worth doing"

    Tripadvisor 15 March 2018, Angela175

    We did the walking tour with Lily on our first morning in Sydney. As well as being very interesting and informative, it was a great way to familiarise ourselves with areas of the city which we could then continue to explore at our leisure. On day three we decided to do the bus tour with Martin. Again Martin, as our driver and guide was so knowledgeable and made the tour fun and interesting. The tours complement each other, so do both if you have the time.

    Sydney walking tours review 05

    "Excellent 2hr+ walking tour"

    Tripadvisor 2 March 2018, Ann H

    Excellent 2.5 hr walking tour. Very informative. Easy to do. You pay your guide what you feel she is worth. I would well recommend this tour.

    Sydney walking tours review 06

    "Great overview"

    Tripadvisor 27 February 2018, Tom D.

    What a great way to get a feel of Sydney. Took this tour at the beginning of a four day stay in Sydney. A good choice, as we were shown a great many highlights and attractions during a three hour tour. Our guide was excellent and obviously enjoyed her job. Having done this tour it made the task of arranging what to do over the next few days a lot easier.

    Sydney walking tours review 07

    "Walkingtour - Very informative"

    Tripadvisor 27 February 2018, Nick D

    Nice informative tour that takes you through some of Sydney's highlights within a short 2,5 hours. Full of both historical as practical information, and more than enough time to ask any questions.

    Sydney walking tours review 08

    "Fantastic free walking tour of Sydney"

    Tripadvisor 5 February 2018, Gemma S.

    Lily was an engaging, warm and enthusiastic tour guide with vast amounts of local knowledge. An informative and fun morning spent learning about Sydney's historic past. Lots of info given on other touristy things to try too. Will highly recommend to others. Fantastic morning out.

    Sydney walking tours review 09

    "Good way to start a visit to Sydney"

    Tripadvisor 4 February 2018, Boston TraveLynn.

    We find it is often a good way to get to know a city is by taking a tour. This walking tour did not disappoint. Lily was our guide and she is quite knowledgeable and funny. We hit many of the high point of the city and were given a number of good suggestions about where else to see and how to get around. All in all, a fine experience.

    Sydney walking tours review 10

    "Great Start to Exploring Sydney"

    Facebook 4 February 2018, LeeF62

    This walking tour, which takes 2.5 hours, leads you from Hyde Park down to The Rocks and provides a really good introduction to the history and notable buildings of the district. Lily was a very interesting and well informed guide and led the group efficiently. We very much enjoyed this walk and certainly recommend it as a great introduction to the city.

    Sydney walking tours review 11

    Vicky Haining

    Facebook 1 April 2018

    Enjoyable tour and great way to learn more about Sydney!

    Sydney walking tours review 12

    Jess Blinn

    Facebook 25 October 2016

    This walking tour is everything to someone visiting Sydney. The tour guide offered so much history, jokes, stories, making it interactive and not a lecture. She was very conscious of the group's walking speed, making sure we rested and pointed out which places offered free tours.
    The Rocks is breathtaking, and it was priceless to have someone who knew the area (lots of little alleyways). I found so many neat places to explore later on, and I have this tour to thank!

    Sydney walking tours review 13

    Eva Bradshaw

    Facebook 18 January 2015

    I would highly recommend this tour to anyone new to Sydney as one of the first things you should do. It provided a really good introduction to the city tourist areas and helped me to get my bearings early on. We got to see many historical places of interest and learned much about life in the old town as well as picking up tips for visiting places in more depth under our own steam.
    Lily was an excellent tour guide, setting a comfortable walking pace for the two hours we were out. She was easy to spot even in the busy crowds at The Rocks, due to her bright orange t-shirt. Also, because she wore a microphone and small loudspeaker, it meant we could always hear what she was saying too - very professional as no shouting was required.

    Sydney walking tours review 14

    Dalma Pm

    Facebook 25 October 2016

    A great tour!!! Had the best time. Liya (tourist guide) is an amazing guide, super nice and knows a whole lot about the city. Very professional, I highly recommend it. Thank you Liya for your time, I will always cherish it.

    Sydney walking tours review 15

    Uzi Evron

    Google 21 April 2018

    Knowledgeable guide covers the city center very nicely with many historical placed and hidden surprises. A good way to spend 2 hours and get to know the city.

    Sydney walking tours review 16

    Mikayla Rousham

    Google 12 February 2018

    Very detailed tour that shows all the main sights of Sydney. Tour guide was funny, friendly and approachable. Very enjoyable and a must do!

    Sydney walking tours review 17

    Yudhir Singh

    Google 10 December 2017

    Great walking tour, Lily was in orange T-shirt was our tour guide, she was friendly. We went to so many places; she showed us historical places with their history. We went church, gardens, hidden bars, cafes, red rocks, harbour, opera, shops, pretty much everywhere. She gave us information about ferry. Thanks!! Lily again, without her it's really hard to get that closer look of Sydney. Well done. Highly recommended.

    Sydney walking tours review 18

    Tracy Cavanough

    Google 21 November 2017

    My husband and I did both the walking and bus tour. The walk was very informative, with something for everyone to learn. The bus made a few stops with enough time to soak in the atmosphere. Lily and Martin are very well educated with a passion for the history of Sydney. Our stay in Sydney was brief, however we ticked a lot of boxes by doing both tours. Tracy and Steve Cavanough

    Sydney walking tours review 19

    Angela Hall

    Google 15 October 2017

    Brilliant....highly recommend these guys. Our guide was passionate about her city and had plenty of fun facts and information that made the walk fly past. Lots of info given even for the places that we didn't actually go to.

    Sydney walking tours review 20

    Haley Stearns

    Google 2 June 2017

    There was a review that said you need a reservation but that is definitely not the case! Just show up and enjoy! Was a very informative and easy walking tour that was a great start to the day and one that I recommend to anyone wanting to see and learn a bit more of Sydney.